Importance of NCERT Physics

I think I can share my views on it . During my JEE days while I was preparing I used to solve HC Verma, Irodov and Bansal sheets and totally neglected Physics NCERT because nobody around me was doing it and none my teachers recommended to solve it but trust me that is one of the biggest mistake I ever did . If you go through the book carefully you will find that it’s almost errorless and the theory is precise and very accurate . I know that many of you will say that it doesn’t have that great level of content like other books but trust me guys, the definations are damn perfect, just go through the asterisks part at the bottom, the blue boxes and the additional exercise you will get to know that how beautifully it’s written. The writer of the books are highly renowned IIT professors and they have tried to present the beauty of this subject in the best way possible, I think the only limitation of the book is that it’s designed for the both medical and non medical streams therefore the book don’t stress on hardcore calculus but still it’s enough for JEE point of view because in recent JEE exam papers their are hardly any problems that involve rigorous maths especially calculus to solve it . If your target is solely JEE exam then this book is more than sufficient . 🤟

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