IPU-CET: Indraprastha University Common Entrance Test


IPU-CET or the Indraprastha University Common Entrance Test is a university level examination. It is held for the undergraduates and postgraduates in the field of engineering, medicine, dentistry and law. The examination is annual, and the candidates who qualify for it are then admitted into the GGSIPU.
Visit http://www.ipu.ac.in for more information.

Syllabus Of IPU-CET

Now, candidates interested to take admission in IPU under B. Tech program must qualify JEE-Main Paper-1.

Exam pattern and syllabus will be the same as per JEE.

Preparation Tips for IPU-CET

Know your syllabus-

You need to have a very clear idea of your syllabus. You cannot even think of starting your preparation journey if you don’t know your syllabus well enough. The syllabus is vast and questions will come from a range of different topics.

Analyze the exam pattern-

This is not a standard school examination. You need in depth learning and deeper knowledge. Analyze the exam pattern so you have a vague idea of what is important and what isn’t.

Choose the reference books carefully-

You have to be very careful while choosing the reference books. They play an important part in your preparation. Use them for advanced level problems. The more you practice, more are the chances of scoring good marks.

You can seek help from online sources-

You can find many useful sources on Google or on YouTube which can really help and complement your preparation.

Stick to a schedule-

Having a time table is very important when preparing for an entrance test. Make a time table which is helpful in achieving your daily goals so that you cover your syllabus on time. Follow it religiously. Consistency is the key.

Practice mock tests-

Solving mock tests will help you understand the pattern of the examination as well as it will help you to gauge your preparation. Do not forget to analyze the mock test because it will help you to know your weak points and you can improve in it afterwards.

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