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Struggle, Hard-Work and Dedication- Underrated Yet Powerful

There is this friend of mine, rather more than a brother to me, Vasu. He is an exceptional student( RMO Cleared, KVPY fellow, etc.), but because of some mishappenings, and unexpected turns of life, he spoiled his JEE from an expected rank of top 200–300 at least, to around 10k and is currently studying in Jaypee college in Noida.

So the other day, we were talking on phone and I don’t know what we were talking about but he said the following lines,

“You know Devesh, when I was in Kota, I started studying a lot. I used to study all day, and started sleeping only for 4–5 hours. I used to cycle everyday to resonance without getting late, even if my leg used to pain! I remember the days when my eyes were sunken, I was all dark. I looked tired and depressed to everybody. Everybody thought that there is something wrong with me, that I was depressed. They were not able to understand me. It wasn’t depression, rather it was love. It was the love of studying! It was the joy of hardwork! It was the pleasure of struggle! It was the best! I forgot about the pain in my leg! It was such a love!”

As my friend Vasu said it is indeed the greatest joy of life, struggle. I also remember the days before my INMO 2016 when I used to study all day long! One of my teacher said, that when I got broed I should try some other stuff, but my reply was that why I will ever get bored. I loved it! I loved working all day long! I felt and experienced hard-work, the most memorable, and most underrated joy of life.

No one, have I ever seen who sees struggle and hardwork as joy. Most of people just try to get away from it. People give excuses, try to avoid work as much as possible. People stay idle most of the time, and they like to stay so but the actual reason is because, the never even try to start working. They never just try to experience the love of hardwork and without experiencing how can one love something? How can one admire and acknowledge the beauty of something?

For loving something, you have to at least give it an option, give it a try. But people don’t do it. Because, hating and avoiding is easier. Avoiding hard-work, struggle and dedication is easier.

Thank You 🙂

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