NMTC: National Mathematics Talent Contest


Association of mathematics teachers of India conducts the National Mathematics Talent contest or NMTC.
Visit http://amtionline.com for more information.

Syllabus of NMTC-

This is usually pre-degree college mathematics, covering, mainly –

a) Algebra

b) Geometry

c) Number theory

d) Graph theory & Combinatorics


Polynomials, Solving equations, inequalities and complex numbers.


Geometry of triangles and circles. (Trigonometric methods, vector methods, complex number methods, transformation geometry methods can also be used to solve problems)

Number Theory:

Divisibility, Diophantine equations, congruence relations, prime numbers, and elementary results on prime numbers.

Combinatorics & Graph Theory:

Counting techniques, pigeon-hole principle, principle of inclusion and exclusion, basic graph theory. Problems pertaining to these concepts will be of non-routine type with difficulty level increasing from RMO to INMO to IMO.

Preparation Tips for NMTC-

Mathematics is not about rote learning. In order to excel in this subject, you have to practice a lot of questions. Here are some of the tips to help you in the preparation-

Have a strong foundation-

You cannot ace any exam if you do not have a strong foundation. Mathematics requires a strong base as the questions you are going to face are advanced level.

Focus on NCERT-

NCERTs help you to ace your basics. The topics covered in NCERTs are well defined and you can comprehend them without much difficulty. Make short notes of NCERTs as well. It will help you in the revision.

Do not waste your time-

Quality practice time is the key! Do not waste it doing unnecessary chores. Find a quiet room and ambience where you can study with sheer concentration.

Focus on your weak points and avoid tiny mistakes-

Keep track of the problems which you were unable to solve or where you felt your concepts were not strong. Ask your teachers about the problem and make a plan to get similar problems right in the future.

Make a proper time table-

Set aside a dedicated time in a day when you only study. Studying once in a week is not going to take you anywhere.

Attend other mathematics competitions-

Attend other competitions for practice. If there is a math club or group, join them as well. More you practice, more are the chances to qualify this exam.

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Anirudh Gupta
IIT Delhi Computer Science CBSE Class 12 - 94.2% RMO Awardee
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