SGO: Sharygin Geometry Olympiad


SGO or Sharygin Geometry Olympiad was started in 2005 and the problems are published in English since 2007.
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Preparation Tips for SGO-

Choose the right reference books –

After NCERTs, the next crucial step is to choose the right reference books in order to practice the geometrical questions. Use them for problem solving only and not for understanding the concepts. The reference books can help you to ace the preparation game through practicing regularly. The more you practice, more are the chances to score good in this exam.

Think and Delve deeper –

Simply mugging up concepts will do you no good. You need to have a clear visualization, genuine love and interest to learn something new. Delve deeper in the concept and keep on asking questions so it can widen your understanding, helping you to solve even the most twisted question.

Have a study plan –

Time is money. Utilize your time in every possible way. If you think that without a proper study plan you can excel this exam then you need to give second thought about it. You need to balance things and give equal time to all your subjects and this you can only do, if you have a good study plan.

Revise –

Revision is one of the most important steps in the preparation of SGO, if you want to master your geometry. Study your class notes every day for at least half an hour. Have a proper plan for your revision and make sure to revise everything at least thrice before the examination

Be Consistent –

You have to be consistent with your preparation. No day dreaming, no procrastination. Work hard daily with sheer dedication to excel this exam.

Trust your teachers –

You need a proper guidance to crack SGO and only your teachers can guide you in the right way. Always give your priorities to your teachers. Obey their instructions and orders. No one can help you the way they can.

The Right Attitude –

Your confidence will unlock every opportunity in life. Have faith in yourself because it is the most valuable thing one can have. Your attitude towards everything in life decides your success. With positive attitude you will always excel in your life, let alone an examination.

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Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar
1 year ago

Can you tell me which book after ncerts is suitable

Anirudh Gupta
IIT Delhi Computer Science CBSE Class 12 - 94.2% RMO Awardee
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