IMO: International Mathematics Olympiad


The six-member team selected at the end of IMOTC (International Mathematics Olympiad Training Camp) accompanied by a leader, a deputy leader and observers represent the country at the IMO.
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  • To identify and support students who show a potential of becoming future scientists or technologists.
  • Help students compete with other students from across the country or world.
  • Boost the students reasoning skills.

Benefits of appearing in International Olympiads-

  • A platform for students to showcase their skills and talents.
  • Helps them to have deep knowledge about everything.
  • Exposure to the students to gain extra knowledge.

Preparation tips for IMO-

Understand the level-

This is not your school examination. You need to have in depth learning of each and every concept. Vast theoretical and practical knowledge is required.

Visit the Olympiads official website-

It is very important to check the official site of the Olympiad. If there has been some sort of change in the rules or in the syllabus.

Use internet effectively-

Internet can be your friend if you use it effectively. You can find information regarding everything on internet whether it is YouTube or different websites. You can even find different sample papers online which may help you to ace your preparation.

Time Management-  

Time is very crucial in your preparation journey. If you start your preparation early, it will help you to make your performance better. Have a proper time table and divide your time to practice all the topics thoroughly.


Practice till you do not meet the expectations you have set for yourself. Every mistake can be checked and errors can be eliminated.

Ask for your teacher’s help-

At the end of the day, your teachers are going to help you the most. They know your strengths and weaknesses. Take notes from them and work to be the best version of yourself for the Olympiad.

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Anirudh Gupta
IIT Delhi Computer Science CBSE Class 12 - 94.2% RMO Awardee
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