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ISI-B.Stat is a three-year programme which offers comprehensive instruction in the theory, methods and application of statics and several areas of Mathematics and some primary areas of Computer Science. ISI-B.Stat is designed in a way that after the completion of this course, students can take up careers as statisticians.
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Syllabus for ISI-B.Stat

Algebra and Number Theory
  • Sets, operations on sets
  • Prime numbers, factorization of integers and divisibility
  • Rational and irrational numbers
  • Permutations and combinations
  • Binomial Theorem
  • Logarithms
  • Polynomials: relations between roots and coefficients
  • Remainder theorem, theory of quadratic equations and expressions
  • Arithmetic and geometric progressions
  • Inequalities involving arithmetic, geometric and harmonic means
  • Complex numbers
2. Geometry
  • Class 10 level plane geometry
  • Geometry of 2 dimensions with cartesian and polar coordinates, concept of a locus, equation of a line
  • Angle between two lines
  • Distance from a point to a line, area of a triangle, equations of a circle, parabola, eclipse and hyperbola and equations of their tangents and normal, mensuration
3. Trigonometry
  • Measures of angles, trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions, trigonometric identities including addition formulae, solutions of trigonometric equations
  • Properties of triangles, heights and distances
4. Calculus
  • Sequences – bounded sequences, monotone sequences, limit of a sequence
  • Functions
  • Limit, continuity and differentiability of functions of a single real variable
  • Derivatives and methods of differentiation
  • The slope of a curve, tangents and normal
  • Maxima and minima
  • Use of calculus in sketching graphs of functions
  • Methods of integration- definite and indefinite integrals
  • Evaluation of areas using integrals 

Preparation tips for ISI-B.Stat

Start with the basics-

When you start your preparation, make sure to have a good hold on your basics because that is the only way you can solve advanced level questions without much difficulty. Make sure to have a very strong foundation.

Build your mathematical aptitude-

You need to have an analytical thinking so that you can handle the questions easily. Improve your logical thinking abilities.

Do not overlook NCERTs-

NCERTs will help you to comprehend topics with much ease. Solve all the problems of NCERTs and try to derive proofs of your own. It will help you to approach difficult questions easily.

Time table is a must-

You must have a time table while preparing for any exam. Time table will help you to plan things easily and you can complete your syllabus on time.

Choose the right study material-

When preparing for this exam, you need to be very cautious while choosing the book which will help you with the preparation. The market is full of many books but only limited no. of the books will help you to sail through. You can also take the help of the resources available online- Google or YouTube.

Make Notes-

While studying, keep on making notes side by side. It will be easy to comprehend a topic when you keep on writing down things and also it will help you in the final revision.


Practice makes a man perfect. In order to reach your goal of clearing this exam, you have to practice many questions.

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